An Announcement (contest winners up in a second!)

A few years back, totally frustrated by yahoo and the constant outages, I moved the group from yahoo here to a messageboard system. I love the messageboard, but the truth is, people forget about it, forget to visit, or where it is, etc. A yahoogroup is easier to manage because the messages come directly to everyone, etc.

SO…I’ve decided to bring this back to a regular discussion loop the way it was before. Starting today.

Clicky to visit!

Please everyone, come on back over and thank you in advance for your patience in getting this all situated again!


One comment to “An Announcement (contest winners up in a second!)”

  1. Ali
    October 16th, 2009 at 8:07 pm · Link

    oh yay 🙂 as much of a pain yahoo can be, I do enjoy the discussion loops better than message boards…. already a member of your group 🙂