Snippet Saturday – Dialog

This week’s theme is dialog – how about a bit from RELENTLESS? There are a few adult words here but it’s pretty tame overall…

Copyright 2009, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Berkley Publishing Group

Roman looked at her as she sat across from him at the small table. Her feet were tucked beneath her and she enjoyed every bite of the dinner he’d prepared. Or rather, of the dinner Nyna had prepared and he’d brought with him.

“My sister is an amazing cook, isn’t she?” Abbie winked at him. “What? You think I wouldn’t know?”

“She offered. Through Marcus. I can manage the basics, I’m not completely helpless, you know. But I’m better at heating things up than preparing them.”

She laughed and he loved the sound. He’d lit candles and the golden light made her appear luminous. Abbie was so very pretty. Petite and lovely. Big brown eyes, full lips, her skin was pale and creamy. She did everything with zeal, listened with interest, spoke with passion and fucked like no one he’d ever met. And she was there in his home. Gods he enjoyed her.

“What?” She tucked her hair behind her left ear.

“Nothing. I just like looking at you.”

“Oh. Well, thank you.”

“And now I want to lick your cunt.”

The flush on her face made her even lovelier.

“Come with me. I have a surprise.”

She took his hand and he led her upstairs to the bath attached to the master suite of rooms. As he’d expected, she froze in the doorway at the sight of the magnificent bathing tub.

“There’s a hotspring. The water here comes directly from it. Undress and I’ll run us a bath. I know a few people with some influence, I think I can avoid the water fine.”

“You’re officially my favorite person ever.” She tossed off her sweater and shimmied out of her shoes, tights and pants.

“No underpants and a see through, shiny bra? You’re officially my favorite person ever.” She removed the bra with a flourish and stood before him naked and gorgeous. “Correction. Now you’re my favorite person ever.”

Laughing, she stepped into the deep tub and sighed happily. Lindy needed constant praise, big, expensive presents all the time. And here Abbie was, happy about a big bath.

“Now you should be naked so I can look at you and have lust in my heart,” she called out gaily as she quickly twisted her hair into a makeshift knot.

He got rid of his clothes and stepped in, sinking into the water with her. “Naked, wet and willing.”

“Don’t tell anyone. It would ruin my reputation as a tough barrister. By the way, I’m being interviewed on the vids right after the appearance before the AC.” She delivered this bit of information as she settled back against him.

“Abbie,” he warned.

“Don’t you Abbie me, Roman. I have a job to do. People want to know what’s happening and I’m going to tell them. I hope I can assure them we’re being listened to. But if we aren’t, I’ll say so. I may enjoy this thing between us, but your cock isn’t so magical I’ve lost my sense of direction.”

He didn’t want to be amused. She had no idea of how grave things had become since this whole debacle with the Walker Family involvement in treason. If the Imperialists found a weakness they’d exploit it. Still, he was amused because she had an unwavering commitment to her dreams and even while she sat naked and cradled against his reviving cock, she stuck to her convictions.

“You’re a pain in my ass.”

“I was a pain in the ass long before I met you, Roman. Don’t take it personally.”

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3 comments to “Snippet Saturday – Dialog”

  1. RKCharron
    October 3rd, 2009 at 11:44 am · Link

    Hi Lauren 🙂
    Thank you for the excellent excerpt.
    I love how you make Abbie & Roman so vivid so quickly.
    All the best,

  2. Nancy
    October 3rd, 2009 at 12:34 pm · Link

    Loved it! 😀 I think dialogue is my favorite part of writing. I find I always have to go back and flesh things out like setting and such because I just have so much fun letting characters talk to each other.

  3. Mary G
    October 3rd, 2009 at 6:10 pm · Link

    Love the excerpt. I think dialogue is the first foreplay & so important.