RWA Voting!

RWA members – voting is now open so please do take a few minutes to do it! I read that last year only about 20% of eligible voters actually did. Right now is a time of enormous change within this huge organization, please be involved. The more voices, the better the representation.

All voting members should have received an email with your special voting number on it and a link to go vote. It took me about 20 minutes all told, while looking back and forth between the question and answer email they sent out via ENotes and the page with the ballot (and I was IMing with Ann Aguirre at the time too, so really it’s not hard if I can do all that!)

I’ve heard a lot of complaints from people about how RWA is run over one thing or another, so put your vote where your complaints are. Or if you think things are just fine how they are – also, go and vote to say so.

Like I tell my kiddos, democracy is a gift – use it.

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