New Week!

Finished up a revision and sent it off to my fabulous agent. I hope she likes what I’ve done with the story. In truth I think it works better the way I’ve changed it, it flows more easily and the characters make sense earlier on.

Now, it’s back to Trinity, which also makes me happy.

I injured both feet this last weekend, for a while I was pretty sure I’d broken my left foot but it’s much better today. Still, it left me hobbling around all weekend because my husband had to work and then we had a cancer walk and a CF walk yesterday that sadly I couldn’t attend as I could barely make my way down the stairs. The cut on my right foot is healing up enough that I’ll be able to run the kids to school when they go back tomorrow.

Summer is encroaching though. They have no more full weeks of school left. They were out today for a waiver day and then there are all sorts of last week of school things next week which means odd schedules and running them around town to do stuff.

And then they’re here with me all day every day. Sigh. I sent them outside earlier with three rules: No turning on the hose; no digging and no playing on the rocks. Forty minutes later I hear the hose so I go out and they’re making the hole they dug even bigger and making a mud pit.

Now, that hole is an issue around here. First of all, it’s like a foot and a half deep. It’s not wide, but it’s enough that my husband looked at it and made that sound my dad used to make right before I got the hell out of there. And hello, not even a full hour before they’re out there breaking two of three rules.

This was my day, sitting down to write and getting interrupted. Getting up to fix or deal with whatever problem was happening, sitting back down trying to get back into the story and of course checking in at twitter where I played a bit but not enough to totally distract me. Start writing again only to be interrupted shortly thereafter until everyone was called inside and made to clean.

Their older brother has figured it out – you don’t want mom’s attention focused on you when she’s busy or you’re being bad. Because then she’ll make you clean up or take something away from you and make you clean up or make you write a letter to your teacher or whatever.

A whole summer of this is bound to make my blood pressure shoot through the roof. I need to think of super time intensive stuff that’s intricate enough to keep them really focused and busy but not so boring or tedious they lose interest and look for trouble. Or I’ll make them weed my planter beds. Maybe both.

Nope, not much here about writing I know, but it’s not all bon bons and playing on the internet to see what Gerard Butler is up to either.

Hope everyone is having a good week! Later this week I’m going to be talking about writing from a biz perspective – breaking down the differences between advances and monthly royalties since that’s not happening at the National Level and I keep hearing ridiculous things like how epublishers not paying advances mean they’re getting something for nothing. Back in my college and law school days, when I made an assertion of fact, I had to back it up with something. This is not happeneing but I’m not wasting my time on that. I’ll give you the breakdown and you can make up your mind about the relative merits or lack thereof of each system. But at least there’ll be some facts there for you all to do that.

I’m also doing a booktalk post and I’m going to wax all fangirl squee about Victoria Dahl’s Talk Me Down and SJ Day’s Eve of Destruction (along with several other books I’m gonzo over just now).

And! I’m going to talk about writers moving into new genres from a few different perspectives.

So that’s it for today, talk to you all latah!

5 comments to “New Week!”

  1. Collette
    June 8th, 2009 at 9:05 pm · Link

    Oh crap–hang in there. You can always bury them to the neck in the hole. I’ll bring the 21 month old–there should be room for all of them, right? Wait, is that illegal? 😉

  2. Christine
    June 9th, 2009 at 6:48 am · Link

    I am telling this crap where they get half days of school and days off before vacation is a pain in the neck. The whole week before summer vacation starts my little one has a full week of half days so they can count the days but it just creates havoc for me. An 11 month school year would work just fine for me. With all of the half days and vacation they get. It would work just the same. 😉 Of course they wouldn’t like it. A shovel, mud and a hose is never a good combination with boys.

  3. Joy Roach
    June 9th, 2009 at 9:05 am · Link

    Lots to look forward to this week 🙂

  4. Melissa
    June 9th, 2009 at 10:21 am · Link

    Ugh on the feet, Lauren~~hope they heal up quick so you can get busy doing those summery things, lol!!

    OMG, I did a reread of Fated over the last few nights. Sigh. I forgot how much that book TORE me up. You just have a way of wringing emotion, you hookha you, lol.
    Now I want more WOLVES!!

    When is the next one out?? I fear I’m going to go on a massive reread here, lol, and reread them ALL again.

  5. ann marie
    June 9th, 2009 at 10:46 am · Link

    Have a great week Lauren. Loving the Laid Bare cover.