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Just working on Trinity and finishing up other stuff too. I’m working on a post about words and definitions but I’m too sleepy to do it any justice today.

Instead I invite you to check out some of the books in my recently read and currently reading pile!

Charlaine Harris – Dead and Gone – I do love Harris’s voice. I love the setting (I really love small southern town stuff) and I love the world. She’s unfolding all this stuff slowly and deliberately and she never ceases to impress me with her plotting (even in the books that aren’t my faves in the series, she’s still awesome). I dug Dead and Gone though the hardback thing – admittedly, when I read a book in hardback I’m a far harsher judge. I want a good, thick book with a great story. I think the story is great. I like how she moved Sookie forward, I like the Fairy stuff, I loved more Eric, I like the meta story about all the paranormals trying to figure out how to be out, or if they should. It’s actually a very complicated, gray world and I love how she writes it.

I didn’t think there was enough closure on the issue of Bill v Eric, though I like that Harris gives Sookie a direction and I approve of it. I’m still thinking there’s a bit too much of the other guy and I worry it’ll come back again. I didn’t think it was too short, but I’d have loved some more details. Still, I think she did an awesome job and I anxiously await the new Harper book out later this year.

I’m also about 3/4 through Jeri Smith Ready’s follow up to last year’s Wicked Game – BAD TO THE BONE – I’m so not disappointed! This is a really good book. Jeri Smith Ready has written a fascinating world with her own stamp on it. This is not a world you’ve seen a hundred times but it has elements from many of my favorite sorts of genres and stories.

Ciara is a protag you can really like. She’s not perfect, she’s not mad all the time for no apparent reason, she’s not perpetually fourteen and whiny – she’s a person who has dealt with a lot of crap in her life and she’s not broken. She’s wounded, but she deals and she lives and she isn’t afraid to be happy. There are no faked up conflict moments where I read and think, “why is she doing this?” The conflict is real and believable and I really can’t get enough of this world.

This is just two. There are more but I need to get back to work so I’ll also be talking about my contemporary romance binge very soon.

Have a good Tuesday!

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