Friday Booktalk

I have to open with a tease about how I read Ann Aguirre’s Skin Game over the last few days and it’s AWESOME. I’ll do a review much closer to her actual release day (next year) but you’re going to love it. Reyes is my favorite of all her heroes so far. He’s totally, guh.

Lisa Kleypas – Seduce Me At Sunrise – I wasn’t sure how I’d like this book after meeting Kev and Win in Mine Until Midnight (which I absolutely adored). I shouldn’t have worried. Kleypas walks a wonderful line between angst, societal realities regarding race and class and terrible longing.

Kev and Win have loved each other since they were children but he knows he can’t have her. She’s white, the sister of a titled noble and he’s Rom. He loves her so much he resists her, pushing her away even though he wants nothing else in the world more than her.

On the other hand Win has been very ill and has finally regained her strength and vitality. She thinks Kev’s protests are silly but after getting pushed away so often,she sets her sights elsewhere because she wants a husband and children.

The push and pull is painful at times but well done. the romance is beautiful, the love scenes dont’ come too soon and fit just perfect with who this couple is.

Susan Andersen – Cutting Loose – I’m a big fan of Susan Andersen. I love her humor and her writing. Loved the beginning. Loved the characters, especially in the beginning but toward the end of the middle I found myself skimming a bit. The story picked up again in the last bit though. All in all, a very satisfying read.

Shelly Laurenston’s The Mane Event – I love Laurenston’s humor. Humor is very hard to keep up and to have so much of it, to essentially have it be your trademark and in a good way, is really difficult. And yet, she does it well.

The Mane Event is two novellas – Christmas Pride (my favorite of the two) featuring a lion shifter and a cop – great chemistry, fabulous sexin, smart, snappy dialog without being stupid. Great story. Novellas are a talent unto themselves and leaving readers satisfied at the end takes a lot of talent. Laurenston has it in spades.

And Shaw’s Tail – also featuring a lion shifter but this time with a wolf. A dog and cat and she’s not happy about it at all. Fabulous opening with Shaw being loopy from fever. Great chemistry between a very determined male and a woman who wants to improve her life by not making snap decisions to sleep with strange men. You can’t blame her, she’s not an idiot, but the sparks are really hot and Shaw is uber sexy.

Great scenes with the wolf pack and Ronnie Lee’s friends to give you a flavor of who she is and who she comes from too.

Loved it.

3 comments to “Friday Booktalk”

  1. Mad
    October 24th, 2008 at 5:49 pm · Link

    I loved THE MANE EVENT…I actually found THE MANE ATTRACTION at the bookstore today and snatched it up, along with 9 other books, and rushed to the counter to buy them. 🙂

  2. Delilah Devlin
    October 25th, 2008 at 4:31 am · Link

    I have soooo many books on my bookshelf–where do you find time to read?! Love the reviews, BTW. It’s helping me whittle down the TBR pile next to my desk.

  3. Nancy
    October 26th, 2008 at 12:57 pm · Link

    I picked up Seduce Me At Sunrise last week! 😀 Looking forward to delving in someday before the second coming.