Like whoa am I glad it’s Friday.

For your perusal – Dane/Hart discuss pr0n while we watch it so you don’t have to…

I’m talking about sex and writing at Chicklitgurrl’s All the Blog’s a Page

I’m going to be putting up all sortsa reviews tomorrow! All three Alien Huntress books by Gena Showalter, Ann Aguirre’s insanely good Wanderlust, Cindy Eden’s most fabulous story in Everlasting Bad Boys and there might be more. I haven’t put up reviews in a while so I’m guessing there will be more.

Oh! And the ever so lovely Anya Bast’s Strands of Sunlight is now available!!!

Blurb: Rhiannon always thought she was just a lowborn peasant. When a mysterious lord buys her contract of servitude and brings her back to his keep, she finds out she’s actually the bastard daughter of a great lady. She also discovers she’s prophesied to kill the man responsible for her mother’s undoing.

And prophesied to die while doing it.

At the keep, Rhiannon is caught between two men. Tristan is the severe and sometimes brutal lord who introduces her to erotic bliss and binds her there, helplessly addicted to his every whim. And Gareth is the shining, handsome knight who treats her like the lady she never knew she was. In competition, Tristan and Gareth tempt her with physical pleasure beyond her imagination. Both of them stake a claim on her body, but only one of them will win her heart.

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