I’m knocking right on 52K words on Outshined! I’m a happy camper, I gotta tell you. I’m also happy that I now have just less than a month until school starts again. My kids are driving me nuts. All day long with the bickering and the arguing and the “he got more time on the Wii than I did” or whatever. I am DONE with it.

But despite the agitation this has been a very productive summer so far so I can’t complain really. Relentless is finished and submitted. Outshined is over halfway done and should be finished up (first draft) by the end of August.

Then in September I’ve got a revision to look at, I will most likely see a revision letter for Relentless sometime in the fall along with notes on Sensual Magic and I need to finish up Sweet Charity for Samhain by mid October.

I’m busy but really, I don’t think I’d have it any other way. If I had the time to sit and think about things I’d only obsess about them. Because I’m that way.

I did spend an hour this morning video chatting with megan about cliches we love. That’ll be going up over at BRING ME MY HOOKAH so don’t forget to check in over there.

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