Like Music?

I love music, which isn’t hard to tell from the fact that I write about music almost as much as I write about writing. I like music across just about all spectrums and genres from Motown to classical.

But there’s something about music from small and independent labels that makes me happy. Certainly it’s not as polished as something you’d pick up from a major label, but the rawness, the energy is different and I love that.

So today I got a friend request from Queer Control Records out of San Francisco and I popped over to their myspace page to check em out. I really dug Fireblast by 8 Inch Betsy and Punch in You Face by Pariah Piranha – another cool thing about small labels here at myspace is you can often listen to music and see what you might like.

Anyway – that’s their myspace page, they’re awesome!

(BTW, I don’t know anyone associated with the label or the bands, I just love music and thought I’d send some love their way)

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