First off – the stuff I’ve read:

When He Was Bad by Cindy Eden and Shelly Laurenston

Oh man was this antho fabulous. Shelly kicks off with Miss Congeniality and I sped though it as I laughed and had to fan myself here and there too. What I loved best about this story was the heroine. Laurenston gives us Irene who is maladjusted, cold, awkward and hostile – but she makes it work so well. I really *liked* Irene and I loved the moments when she was just totally confused by Holt’s attraction to her. She was smart and strong. The story is clever and quick and Holt is mmmm!

And Eden’s Wicked Ways is set in the same world as her After Midnight books so I loved that continuity. Cain and Miranda are a great couple, she’s got just the right amount of incredullity and waryness balanced with her attraction and acceptance of Cain. The story opens with a bang and the action sucks you straight into the story. The chemistry is done quite well as were the scenes with Cain’s beast.

Both stories were well done, the antho isn’t “carried” by one author – both of them really gave readers fabulous reads with totally different voices and perspectives.

And then on to finish the last bit of Resident Evil: Extinction by Keith DeCandido – this is a novelization based on the movie but actually fills in a great deal of things you didn’t see on the screen. I picked this up at the airport coming back from Cincinatti earlier this month and it was an entertaining read. After the movie I was left wondering what happened to Jill and Angie and the book fills in all that backstory nicely.

I also finished up Blood Noir. I don’t have much to say about it just now. It wasn’t horrible. I just wasn’t compelled by it in any sense.

On to my TBR:

I’ve got Recipe For Disaster by Michelle Pillow. This one is in her Matthews Sisters series from Cheek and Zoe is my favorite sister so I’m totally excited to read it.

Aspiring chef, Zoe Matthews has lost her job and all hopes of a satisfying future. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s just publicly shot down her one and only chance at culinary redemption. Restaurant mogul, Jackson Levy is determined to teach the rude city-slicker a lesson in manners. What she thinks will be a head chef position at one of his fancy restaurants turns out to be a small town diner. Can this city girl and a country boy find common ground? Or is this just a recipe for disaster?

And I was lucky enough to get an ARC of Noelle Mack’s Wanton – the next entry in her St. James Pack books – I can’t wait! I loved the first book.

There’s no blurb at amazon and I can’t seem to find her website via google but through the link above you can see the pretty cover (this series has a great cover progression so far)

And also, Mandy Roth’s Bella Mia is now available and in my E-TBR pile:

On the run from two men who want her, Gwyneth Stevens finds herself at the door of a third-Giovanni Baldassare, master vampire and former henchman of her father, the King of the Dark Realm. When Pallo and Caleb resurface, all
hell breaks loose and old habits die hard. Out of time and places to hide, Gwen must face her destiny head on if she ever hopes to find happiness. Can the triangle of lovers make welcome a newcomer, or will the group succumb
to old enemies resurfacing and centuries-old grudges, allowing history to repeat itself?

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