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Wheee! Cooking. And I’m heading into the real heart of the book, which is always interesting pacing wise. Each book has its own unique challenges so we’ll see what they are with Relentless.

I got an amazing review from JERR for Stripped (in the What Happens in Vegas anthology) today!
Heather says in part:
Stripped by Lauren Dane
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat level: O

Ms. Dane’s Stripped was truly amazing and my favorite story in the entire book. Dahlia is such a strong character that you truly feel her emotions as the story progresses. Nash grows also; he goes from a love em and leave em millionaire to a caring guy who falls for a graduate student! The sex is off the charts and eye popping!

A very nice way to start a Sunday if I do say so myself. Thank you JERR and Heather.

I finished Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas last night. Like totally devoured it. I’ll be reviewing it this upcoming Friday but this book was so good. I loved it. I also read Noelle Mack’s Wild and liked it a lot. MY TBR pile is still huge!

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