Readerly Type Commentary

I just finished Fated last night so I can now take a quick breath, talk about some books and then dive right back into my part of the proposal for No Reservations – my next book with Megan Hart.

Let’s see…

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Candice Gilmer’s Unholy Night releases on May 5!

Blurb: Can love be found on the unholiest night of the year?

There are some things Marissa Van Dyke won’t do — celebrate Halloween is one of them. When she’s guilted into attending a Halloween party, a flamboyant woman dressed as a gypsy claims Marissa will be saved three times before she’s finally free.

Foolish Halloween games, according to Marissa. Her life is fine; not perfect, but good enough, and nothing could save her anyway.

All she wants is to leave the party until a man named Neil Drigan materializes at her side, making her forget everything but his hauntingly familiar green eyes. His animal magnetism is a dangerous temptation on a night she’s always reserved for mourning.

Can there be salvation under his powerful presence — even on such an unholy night?

It’s sexy, sad, emo – all good things!

Also! A fabulous print anthology is now available!

Magical Seduction featuring three of my favorite authors – Anya Bast, Mandy Roth and Cathryn Fox!

Witches, werewolves, things that bump in the night…And three arousing tales of sexual delight.

CATHRYN FOX- Web of Desire
Good witch Ally gets naughty when she discovers her long-lost high school sweetheart caught — literally — in a web of lust and seduction.

When Francy shows up after five years of separation to tell her beloved Dante, a werewolf, that she’s engaged to a vampire, he seduces her with a steamy surprise of his own.

ANYA BAST -Tempted by Two
Not only did Miranda just learn that she’s a half-blood fae, but she’s also got two — two! — deliciously muscular mates. She’d better adjust to all the sexy attention before a vengeful goblin tries to get in on the threesome….

I’m nearly done with Dancing with Werewolves so I’ll hopefully be able to post a brief review next week.

Last Wolf Hunting – I have a teeny bit left to go! I’ve been sneaking peeks around writing but now I can devote more time to it. I will say – so far it’s FABULOUS!

Dirty Girls – anthology with Saskia Walker and Rachel Kramer-Bussell – some of the stories are incredibly well written – I’m going to post on this one later in the week when I talk about what strikes me as good, short erotica and why.

Anyway, my husband has been gone on business all week and he comes home today! Wheee! Off to do laundry and stuff. Have a great weekend!

3 comments to “Readerly Type Commentary”

  1. Anya Bast
    May 6th, 2008 at 9:46 am · Link

    Oh, thank you, sweetie!

  2. Michelle M Pillow
    May 10th, 2008 at 5:18 pm · Link

    I have this book!!! It’s just as pretty in real life, actually prettier, cause you can hold it and read it and squeeze it and name it george… Wait am I the only one remembers that cartoon? I swear, on some level I make perfect sense. 😀

  3. candice gilmer
    May 11th, 2008 at 2:35 pm · Link

    Thanks Lauren for the kind words! 🙂