Witches Knot: Celebration for the Dead

So tomorrow, the first Witches Knot book in a year will come out from Ellora’s Cave and I’m pretty excited about it. Witches Knot was the first universe I wrote, when I created Triad in 2004. Since then it’s encompassed a lot of things I hadn’t envisioned when I first sold Triad but I’ve loved writing it and I’ve really loved the Charvez witches and all their family and friends.

In Vengeance Due, I brought readers into Aidan’s secret – that there were vampires who weren’t so warm and fuzzy. Vampires who in fact broke the oath that kept the rest of their kind in check. Into town sweeps a group of humans who hunt these oathbreakers. Kael Gardener and his crew of hunters comes to New Orleans and meets Simone Charvez and of course those of you who’ve read Vengeance Due know, Kael and Simone get their HEA after some major angst and oodles of emo.

At the same time, one of the hunters, Minx (Melanie Rodriguez) meets Aidan’s brother Connor, a cop of sorts and a slow romance begins.

Celebration for the Dead takes place not too long after Vengeance Due ends (which is before Thrice United, confused yet?) and it takes us to Las Brisas, Mexico for El Dia de Los Muertos and right smack dab into the middle of a fight between Minx and Connor and he’s got some making up to do and Anton Perdue is back…

With all that said, how about an excerpt? Click the Read More link!

Copyright 2008, Lauren Dane
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave
Releasing April 4!

It felt good to say it all. To let it all go, and Melanie was sure her grandmother would have approved. She’d held onto the pain for ten years. It seemed appropriate with El Dia De Los Muertos approaching to remember her family with love instead of pain for the first time since they all died.

Connor watched her from the corner of his eye. So strong to have endured all of it and yet so soft and fragile too. A bundle of contradictions. He also noted how she’d avoided any talk about the two of them. He’d remedy that.

“So this thing tomorrow, may I come?” Not like he’d let her go alone anyway. Not with how important this El Dia De Los Muertos was to her and certainly not with Anton Perdue on the loose.

She looked at him, assessing him. “You don’t have to come.”

“I know I don’t have to. I want to. I want to be with you, to experience this with you. I want to know you better, Melanie.”

“And you want to be around in case Perdue shows up.”

His heart thudded in his chest. “Do you think he’s here for you?”

“No. But he’s proactive.” She snorted. “I don’t know if he’s close or not. I don’t think he followed me but I was out of it on the drive out here so I wasn’t as alert as I usually am. But he’s going to want revenge for what happened.”

She didn’t say the rest. Didn’t have to. Just months before the Oathbreaker vampire had attacked Simone Charvez, Kael’s new wife. A psychic bond had been formed between Simone and Perdue. Together the vampire Oathkeepers and the human hunters had nearly tracked and destroyed Perdue but he’d kidnapped and tortured several members of the hunter team, Melanie included. Unfortunately Perdue had escaped before they got him.

It was personal for Connor. Simone was family, she was the cousin of his sister-in-law and this bastard had harmed Melanie as well. He shuddered as he remembered how she’d looked when they’d found her at Perdue’s place, tied up, beaten, tortured. But she’d never given up. She was perfect, his woman.

Oathbreaker vampires repudiated the rules that kept them from harming humans. Connor was an Oathkeeper, a cop of his kind, and he would stop at nothing to erase a murderer like Anton Perdue from the face of the planet.

He wanted to protect Melanie. Yes, she was quite capable of doing it herself. She did it before he came into her life and she continued to do it now. But she was his. From the moment he saw her walk into the room in New Orleans when he’d arrived at Aidan’s call she’d wormed her way into his consciousness and stayed there. He accepted that. No one threatened what was his. Period.

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  1. tina brunelle
    April 4th, 2008 at 7:37 am · Link

    please excerpt!! I have been really waiting for this one to come out … like on pins and needles LOL doing the dance now its out!!!!