All I’m gonna say on the recent blog dust ups is this:

There are ways to speak your mind which do not involve denegrating others. It is unprofessional and uncivil to the extreme for any author or publishing professional to speak in public in derogatory terms regarding other authors in other genres and other publishing companies.

It’s the kind of behavior I’d never allow my children to get away with (and they’re wild, unmanageable people), actually, and it’s the sort of thing I find totally unnecessary.

I’m not offended that some people don’t like what I write. I’d have to care about them to be offended. But I find it insulting that a member of my community would act in such a disrespectful manner and when called out on it, would dig themselves in deeper instead of just freaking apologizing or even just owning your words. This isn’t about planetary alignment, this is about people acting like adults and being moderately civil. It’s not that hard.

I don’t like all kinds of books. I don’t like some authors on a personal level. There are people in this industry who make me livid with the things they say and do in public – and yet, I can find a way to either own my shit and say so, or choose how I say things. If I can do it, if the majority of our community can do it – and do it every day – I am quite sure we are all capable of being opinionated bitches without being disrespectful and uncivil.

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