Ten Signs Meme

I’m a sheep, I know but I’ve seen this one all over the web and it looks fun so I hope it comes off as fun and not douchey…

1. Smart Mouthed Women – Um, yeah, they say you write what you know. Most of my heroines tend to have quick, smart mouths. Some hide it under a smoother, nicer veneer (like Grace in Standoff) but when you push them too far, you’ll know it.

2. The couple usually gets together early and the threat is external – I tend to write stories where you know the couple will be together but the stressor is outside – werewolf mafia, class distinctions, big world threatening events.

3. Pop culture references. It’s just how I am. Many of my characters will use slang or make references to music or pop culture figures.

4. Cursing. Yes, start that letter to the RWR right now because my characters say bad words. A lot. There are exceptions but a lot of my characters are hard, or warriors and my warriors say bad words when a baddie pulls a weapon on them. Or when they catch their partner with another person in bed.

5. Big families – I love big families. Be they werewolves or small town humans – you’ll find them in almost all my books.

6. Lots of secondary characters – not as series fodder but because, well, I like secondary characters. I think they add an interesting layer to the main story and characters.

7. Sexin. Oh yeah. Even in my non erotic titles you’ll find it. Because I like to write it and I think sex is rich with opportunity to explore character motivaton.

8. Lots of talking – I like dialog, my characters like dialog. I can’t help it. It’s because I’m so shy in real life (okay I laughed when I wrote that)

9. Dominant heroes and heroines who push right back when the hero gets all bossy

10. Romance. Even in my urban fantasy and post apocalyptic books there’s romance. What can I say? I like it.

2 comments to “Ten Signs Meme”

  1. Melissa
    January 12th, 2008 at 12:35 pm · Link

    Every one of your 10 are things I love, Lauren. I hve no idea how I’ve missed you until now. I love a smart mouthed heroine who gives the hero as good as she gets…makes the story fly!!
    And I love these lists…I think they’re great for new readers who want to get the low down on an author they’re thinking about buying…

  2. Estella
    January 12th, 2008 at 4:42 pm · Link

    Just keep on writing your meme books. I love them!