Do You Know What I Love?

Putting down something I’ve written and being tingly and flushed. I mean, wow. Writing sex is an interesting process. Sometimes a scene just flows from you, it connects to something deep inside you and as you write it, you’re really connected and involved. Those scenes I think tend to really jump off the page.

But not every scene is like that in a book. Sometimes the scenes it takes longest to write are the ones I read back on later and they make me sweaty! Other times the scene is one I like (or it wouldn’t be there) but while it serves a purpose in the story, it doesn’t particularly move me one way or the other.

Anyway, last night I re-read Battlefront – this is something I do with any project I sell on partial and then pick up later to write. I have to get back into the book and just having written several books and novellas back to back, I needed to find my way into the story again.

The partial ends on an emotional point. A breakthrough emotionally for Sera after an argument she has with Ash. They’ve been apart for ten years, it’s complicated and I’ll talk more about that later. Anyway, they have sex. And the book has BDSM elements. If you’ve read my BDSM writing you’ll know I like to get to the stuff in between people’s heads and emotions rather than just have a few whacks on the ass and call it a day. So essentially, this scene is about walls coming down and true power exchange. And i’m so happy I can look back at it months later and love the scene!

Now, to start writing! And Brandt has just come in so wheeee!

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