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Friday Booktalk

Despite my world being filled with squee over my own books, I’ve got to say I’ve read a lot of really good books written by OTHER people in the last two weeks too!

Ebook wise – I read Lorelei James’ Rode Hard, Put Up Wet. Now I’m super picky about westerns. It’s not normally a genre I seek out but I do like Lorelai’s voice (as well as Beth Williamson’s and I love her stuff too- Happy Birthday Beth!) so I grabbed this one after seeing an excerpt.

James gives the readers two concurrent romances in the book and keeps them straight quite handily. I thought as I read it, “there’s no way I could do this so clearly” So you get four great characters with their own flaws and motivations and you also get to revisit characters from Long Hard Ride.

The sex? Muy marvelous and in plentiful and yet well written combinations. The story arc works, father and daughter with abandonment issues, boyfriend who feels left out, heroine who is in her late forties (yay!) who’s trying to start over after the loss of her husband two years before. Rode Hard is a really emotional and satisfying read.

Karen Marie Moning – Bloodfever

Wow. I closed this book totally disturbed and thoroughly satisfied. Moning takes a lot of chances with this second (and ultimately better and more engaging) in her Sidhe Seer series.

It’s hard when you’ve built up a readership doing one thing to veer off and do something totally different. And yet, Blood Fever picks up where Dark Fever leaves off and runs way dow the field.

This is one dark book. No kidding. Despite some funny dialog and light moments, the story is not for you if you’re wanting to be uplifted. It’s genuinely scary and truly horrifying in places.

It’s also compelling and one of the best dark fantasy novels I’ve read in a while. This is NOT a romance, I know she warns readers but I’ve read reviews where people have been angry about that. And still, romance or not, Blood Fever is a truly amazing book.

Susan Andersen – She’s Coming Undone

I love Susan Andersen and I recently had the opportunity to meet her briefly at a book signing and I have to tell you she’s a lovely woman.

That out of the way, She’s Coming Undone is a really wonderful romance! I wish authors would stop steering clear of characters in show business because, IMO, it’s such a fun subject and Andersen does a great job here.

She takes up the story of PJ – the thirteen year old runaway we met briefly in Hot and Bothered. Only now it’s fifteen years later and she’s a huge country singer who’s just fired her manager mother and Jared (the other teen who was also a runaway in Hot and Bothered) has come to babysit her on behalf of a record company worried she’ll bolt and leave their concert schedule in the lurch.

Excellently woven series of mistrust and misunderstandings, two extremely well defended characters who don’t quite understand themselves and a past that holds them together in a way nothing else can compare to or even break.

Of course Andersen gives you a glimpse of past characters you’ve loved (and I have loved her marines in this series) and gives great sexual tension and romance.

I totally recommend it and I’ve already read it again!

Rachel Gibson – Tangled Up in You

I think this is my favorite Gibson romance in some time. I love her voice and I keep up with her new releases but this one in particular wowed me.

Really well done flawed hero and heroine. Lots of pain from messed up childhoods. A fabulous and unique topic done from both perspectives – how often do you hear about the pain of the family of someone who murdered someone else?

Great small town setting. Wonderful sexual tension.

I thought the pacing of when and how the hero and heroine got together, were torn apart and got together again worked exceptionally well.

A really well done romance that’s lighthearted and yet deep and provocative all at once.

4 comments to “Friday Booktalk”

  1. tvaddictgurl
    November 9th, 2007 at 11:55 am · Link

    I’ve never read Rachel Gibson, but I bought this one at Emerald City. I had read a couple of reviews when it came out and thought it sounded good. Now I just have to get to it (there’s only 70+ books in my TBR pile, that shouldn’t be too difficult 😉 ).

  2. kim h
    November 9th, 2007 at 1:06 pm · Link

    love rachel books

  3. Lorelei James
    November 9th, 2007 at 2:23 pm · Link

    Thanks so much Lauren, I’m thrilled and humbled you liked the book 🙂

    Love – at whatever stage of life – fascinates me. Some folks find it young (like my dh and I did) Some late in life. Some after already having a deep abiding love in their life and losing it and they’re – a) afraid when they do find it again – b) afraid they’ll never find it again. And how do you know if it’s love if you’ve never had it? This is why I write romance!

    I also like Tangled Up in You – a lot – Blood Fever is in my towering TBR pile. I haven’t read Susan Andersen for a few years.

  4. rhian
    November 11th, 2007 at 8:15 pm · Link

    loved Lorelei’s book – i thought it was fabulously written and the characters unforgettable. and i’m not just saying that because i lust for Cash Crow. 😛

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