Titilating Tuesday

Ah time flies. My oldest child turns ten today. Holy cow, how did that happen? He happily scarfed down four pancakes before scampering off to school with popsicles for his birthday treat thingy. Tonight it’ll be cake and ice cream and the meal of his choosing? Chicken nuggets, fries and mac and cheese. Sigh. Whatever, as long as I don’t have to eat it, everything is fine.

What else? Hmm, oh I finished edits and a revision and got back to Standoff last night and got 2500 words written.

I’m addicted to lolcats. I giggle to myself all day. I have issues. Clearly.
you die
moarfunny pictures

Why is it penis enlargement spam is so gross? I mean, it’s all, overstatement with yucky verbage – lots of jamming and choking and all sorts of stuff women don’t really like. Seriously. Also, flooding the neighborhood with your, um, byproduct? Not sexy. Just sayin. I will say I’m endlessly amused with the spam emailer names. I may use some in a book someday.

OH! Feral Fixation – the anthology which has Reluctant (a prequel quickie featuring Layla Warden from the Cascadia Woves books) is now available in print from the Ellora’s Cave Print store. There are some great stories in this antho!

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