So, week one of Sven – 24.5K! WHEEEE!

I’d written an opening scene but it just wasn’t working for me, or it was fine but I want more than fine. So I changed that and it totally freed everything so yay! Sometimes, writing is like a puzzle, you have to put the edge pieces together but when they all look like sky, it takes a bit of cocking your head and patience as you work through it.

Somehow, it’s become very cold. Like we skipped fall and it’s winter or something. When I picked the kids up at school Friday my hands were so cold they stung. Bleh. Sideways rain, high winds and cold. But I do love this time of year. I’ve pulled out the crock pot and used it several times, I get to wear scarves and all manner of sweaters and get all snuggly at night with my dude.

Got my cover for To Do List, hopefully I can put it up soon!

Oh and I finished Blood Fever and wow. I know some people are put out because this series isn’t a romance but it’s excellent dark fantasy and I’m really thrilled with where Moning took Mac in this book. I liked Dark Fever but this one is more taut, better plotted and definitely dark (a few spots made me a bit queasy but in the best possible way). Vivi Anna’s new Nocturne came last week so it’s in my TBR pile now but they said Lisa Renee Jones’ was delayed! I pouted over that because I love her writing.

I need to get my basket for the Emerald City RWA con finished, send out some contest wins and get some planning and promotion done for my November 3rd booksigning at the Waldenbooks at the Southcenter Mall (6-8 pm). I’ll be there with my fellow Samhain author Stacia Wolf. Stop in, say hello, we’ll have chocolate and books and well, it’s us, what more do you need?

3 comments to “Sunday”

  1. Portia Da Costa
    October 21st, 2007 at 2:24 pm · Link

    Wow, what a first week total in Sweat70! I am in awe of you! I’ve kept up my totals, so I’m happy with that, but sometimes I wish I was a faster writer… 🙂

  2. laurendane
    October 21st, 2007 at 2:32 pm · Link

    Aw thanks! I’m not normally this fast and I’m pretty fast as it is. I just had a day last week with over 9K so I burned it up and I’m not even sure why or how, LOL. Most of the time it’s 2K a day or so.

  3. Red Garnier
    October 22nd, 2007 at 10:22 am · Link

    OMG, Lauren, that’s what I do in a month! *Red bowing, chanting in reverence*
    And squee, share the cover please!!