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It’s Saturday once again and despite the cold from hell, I had a pretty productive week last week. I finished and fed exed off my revisions for Stripped (whew, big weight off my shoulders). I’m 98% finished with my last run through of To Do List to send to Angie, who is on vacation anyway. Then I’ll work on some chapters for my story, dirty/bad/wrong which is part of a dual author anthology called Risky Business with my buddy Megan Hart. We came up with the idea while in line for some dinner or other at RT in April. Then I have a free month to choose from a few things I need to do (so, um, not actually free, LOL) and I think I’ll work on Second Chances – expand it, tighten it, etc, before I get started on Standoff, the last Cascadia Wolves book coming out April 1.

Vengeance Due is finally up for sale at but not at Barnes and Noble. Chased is up for pre-order at Barnes and Noble but not at Amazon. Sigh. Whatevah, I roll with zee punches, LOL.

Genre bashing is stupid. Insulting readers is suicidal. Duh. I say duh again and also, an ear flick for making fun of the intelligence of my most fabulous readers.

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