Friday Booktalk

Patti O’Shea’s In the Midnight Hour – I’ve been a fan of Patti O’Shea since I read Ravyn’s Flight many years ago and she continues to write great stories! In The Midnight Hour is no exception.

In her first TOR paranormal romance, O’Shea introduces a whole new universe. This story features Ryne, a gineal (magical law enforcement of a type) and a cursed PI – Deke, whom is freed by Ryne’s magic.

The heart of the book is really Ryne’s struggle to deal with the responsibility of her power and the need to rely on gray areas to do her job. Her attraction to Deke is complicated by her own personal issues and past abuse at the hands of her former mentor.

O’Shea handles the complicated pasts of both characters and the seriously fabulous villian really well and the story is quite engaging.

A great opener to what promises to be a (another) wonderful series from O’Shea.

Michelle Pillow’s Along For the Ride – I was fortunate to have Michelle send me an ARC of her second book in the Matthews Sisters series and features Megan, the cop who is outwardly solid, sure of herself and set in her ways. But inwardly, that’s not so true and Pillow gives readers a nicely flawed, but very realistic heroine. Ryan, the hero is smitten from the moment he first sees her but he’s got such an uphill battle! Not just to gain her romantic affections but mainly to open herself up to him emotionally. The struggle between them is an internal one, a refreshing change from romances where the threat is external. The chemistry is good and the sex is fabulous!

The Matthews family is wonderfully quirky and I love books that feature families – both parents are lovely opposites and all the sisters are interesting and I definitely can’t wait to read about the remaining single Matthews sisters! You need to grab this one and the first one – Bit By the Bug (featuring Kat, another Matthews sister)!

Elizabeth Vaughan’s Warlord – the third book in the series and I think, my favorite! I loved how Vaughan takes the reader on a totally unexpected journey. I don’t want to give spoilers but I highly recommend not just this book but the entire series. I love fantasy romance that really sweeps the reader into somewhere she never expected to to. Lara is an amazing heroine and her connection to Kier is beautiful. Her character arc over the series is fantastic.

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  1. Cathy
    September 14th, 2007 at 3:57 pm · Link

    Patti O’Shea and Elizabeth Vaughan are both new authors for me, so thanks for the book recs. As for Michelle, I really enjoy her storytelling, though I haven’t gotten to Bit By The Bug yet. Sounds like I better move this one up the TBR list.