Sven Check In/70 Days

Total since the Challenge began: 76,250
Total this week: 9,143 (Slow for me. In truth I didn’t do much writing yesterday in the midst of laundry and kid wrangling and I haven’t done my writing for today, it’s my middle kiddo’s birthday tomorrow so we did the celebration today. I think I may have buttercream high to help later on though)

I’m tired today! We got up early, had breakfast and headed to the Woodland Park Zoo to celebrate my middle kiddo’s birthday (which is actually tomorrow). Then after seeing gorillas, elephants, giraffes and other various animals (and after uttering, “get down” about seven thousand times, we came home, had cake, ate lunch and now birthday boy is playing his new tetris game (dunno why, but he’s been begging for it for months)

I now need to deal with getting ready for our vacation and my shoes came yesterday. Major fabulous squee! They are shoetastic and I will post pictures later with the whole outfit, which is vintage and I heart it very much. Gotta go and figure out what my birthday dude wants for his dinner.

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend all!

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