Poetry/WIP/Creative Writing Monday

I’m working on Wolf Unbound so I’m in a BDSM state of mind. 18 and Over only Behind the text Cut…

Licks of Flame

Kneeling, I hold out the collar to you. Shivers rack my body as you wrap it around my neck and buckle it. My head is down, I’m feeling myself, held to you by that thread of connection and it’s the only thing holding my self at that moment.

Your hands at my neck are cool. Sure.

I feel the latch of the leash at the hook at the hollow of my throat and you yank a bit, just to pull me back from the precipiece of subspace.

You push the blindfold down and over my eyes and suddenly, my skin is alight with nerve endings. I can feel you standing there, the energy pulsing from your body, buffeting my own. I hear the slither of the tails of the flogger and I can’t help but give a small cry.

I wait.

I can hear you moving around and you touch me with your fingertips or with the tails of the flogger to gentle me, keep me calm and soothed. But I know from the look on your face just minutes before that the strikes will be coming and soon they do.

One after the other, they rain down. My back, my ass, my shoulders. My skin heats. I can feel the blood rushing to the surface and I know a pretty pink flush has built. I can’t help but flinch and moan as each stroke connects.

When you bend me forward, on hands and knees and the tails of the flogger strike my pussy with exquisite care. I slip then, slide away from whatever holds me here and I become that someone else. That prized possession, the woman you own and use so well. All I can communicate with is the licks of flame the flogger brings to my flesh.

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  1. Susan Helene Gottfried
    July 9th, 2007 at 5:35 pm · Link

    Whoa. That’s cool.

    I *get* it when you put it like this.