Friday Booktalk!

Wow are there a lot of great books out there right now!

First up – Liz Maverick’s WiredI’m a huge fan of cyberpunk and Wired does the job not just ably but most fabulously!

Roxanne finds herself walking to the convenience store in the middle of the night, not quite knowing why when her life is suddenly turned completely upside down. Repeatedly.

Wired keeps the reader guessing just as much as Rox is guessing. The first person POV lends an intimate air to the story, keeping you in Rox’s head as she’s trying very hard to figure out just what is going on and who to trust.

Maverick is clever and witty and her dialog and storytelling are even better than the very high bar she’s set for herself in the past.

Shomi is off to a great start with Wired and I can only hope for more of this sort of breathless new world of novels when Marianne Mancusi’s Moongazer comes out next month

Linda Winstead Jones’ Raintree: Haunted

I’m thrilled with the direction Nocturne is taking as a line. The middle book in the Raintree Trilogy only confirmed that for me.

Winstead-Jones creates a world for Gabriel and and Hope that is believeable even in the midst of a fascinating paranormal universe.

Howard had the task of setting up the world and Barton will have to tie it all together but Haunted has the sweet spot and Winstead-Jones used it to her advantage with this really wonderful, thrilling, sexy ride.

Gabriel is a fabulous hero, dark and wounded and Hope is a woman who overcomes her doubts to accept all that Gabriel has to offer.

The bad guys are very bad and this is not a book for the fainthearted in certain parts. The romance and chemistry are heatstroke inducing and very well written and paced.

I loved Haunted and I can’t wait to pick up Barton’s book tonight to see where Sanctuary takes me.

Allison Brennan’s Fear No Evil
Wow. Brennan pulls no punches with a truly scary look into the head of a serial killer. She gives us the POV of Kate – a former FBI agent on the run, Dillon, the brother of the kidnapped girl slated for murder, Lucy, the terrified yet strong victim and Trask – the sociopath.

This is the last in the triology and IMO, the best of the bunch. I can only hope Brennan can get herself another contract so we can read the stories of the remaining Kincaid siblings.

The action is dark. These are not happy, shiny people and Kate is guilt ridden for her perceived failure of Trask’s other victims including her partner. Lucy is kidnapped by a very evil man and the things she endures are not for the fainthearted and they are detailed.

The romance storyline doesn’t take a lot of page space. This is Kate’s story more than anything else and in Kate, Brennan has given readers a truly multi dimensional character with lots of baggage to overcome.

The switches between character POV are well done and necessary.

Overall, Brennan delivers a dark, scary but really well done thriller in Fear No Evil.

Stephanie Rowe – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot
Rowe delivers a winner with this quirky paranormal romance filled with funny dialog and a lot of heart.

Great twist on the genre, I absolutely adored her version of Satan. Nice glimpses of characters from past books. Fabulous tension between Nick and Becca and the drawing of Becca’s character as unique is done skillfully and with humor and sweetness as well.

Loved it.

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