The Magic/Power in Sex

I’m writing a book, Reading Between the Lines, for Samhain. It’ll be out in October and it started as a short for one of Angie’s Samhain special projects but it grew to novel length way early on. It’s a Fae story wrapped in Celtic mythology. I love Celtic mythology, most mythology as a matter of fact. I love the backbone of culture that mytho-religious stories create. There’s something comforting and mystical all at once when I’m researching and writing about old gods and goddesses. Especially when we see them over and over across time and cultures.

Recently I wrote a book that had sex magic as a component and it was coined a magic vagina book my mrs giggles (who did actually make me laugh and gave it a rather nice review aside from that) and I have to say – preferences are preferences but sex magic isn’t something I made up to titilate.

The idea of magic and/or power coming from the uniting of male and female sexual energies is very old. All through myth and cultural history we see rites dedicated to fertility and sex. Sex creates energy and the uniting of two or more forms in a sexual act heightens that energy – magic – power. It’s one of the most basic forms of energy human beings create, our sexuality is part of who we are.

I’m not offended someone doesn’t like sex magic as a storyline in a book. Like I said, preferences are preferences – we’ve all got ’em and that’s what makes the world go round. But the idea that somehow, it’s something smutty authors made up to titilate has been bugging me over the last two weeks because I suppose, I love the idea of the sacred coming up over and over across time. It’s a tie that brings us all together and not even in a purposeful way, it’s just part of who we are century after century Celts or Persians, Mayans or Inuits. Aside from the book I wrote (Sword and Crown was a book I wrote based on a tarot card – I loved the idea of the Queen of Swords woman using her hard won knowledge to make a difference) we see sex magic as a component of many things in daily life – from religious rituals and rites to storylines in books and movies. Some things are recurring themes for a reason, they’re part of our consciousness as human beings. They can be cliched and overdone and misued – this isn’t new, but they’re there for a reason.

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  1. Cherie J
    May 21st, 2007 at 11:55 am · Link

    Sounds great to me!