Titilating Tuesday

I’m beginning to get back into the swing of my life. I’m nearly done with edits on Fire and Rain so I hope to get those finished up tonight and back to my editor at EC tomorrow and then back to finish up my revisions on Battlefront and get that to my agent.

Megan and I brainstormed an awesome idea for an anthology while at RT and we’ve been IMing back and forth on it today. This won’t be straight romance but more along the lines of erotica – both the stories will have a romantic type resolution but the focus will be on the individual women rather than a couple. I’ll always continue to write romance, it’s my big love, but there are other stories inside me to be told as well so I’m rather excited about this one.

I also found out today that my summer quickie from last year, Sudden Desire will be in a print anthology, “Sexy Summer Fun” in June. There’s a lovely full page ad for it in June’s RT magazine and our volume has Mr. Romance, Jason Santiago on the cover – wheee! Here’s a picture of the cover…

Sexy Summer Fun

Apparently the Autumn Animalia stories will be out in September as well!

Speaking of covers, I saw my cover for Making Chase today and it’s fabulous! I guess all that nagging at Scott Carpenter at RT worked, LOL! As soon as I get the go ahead, I’ll post it.

If you’re curious and want to see more RT stuff, Megan Hart made a fabulous little trailer with the pictures and some video and it’s up at her blog. Check it out!

That’s it for today!

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