Quick Check In…

I’m into Chapter Six of Battlefront and I’m so loving this book. Happy sigh. It’s way more than I need for a partial but I’m going to finish up this chapter, send it to Megan who is critting, finish the synopsis and wait until after RT to pelt my agent with it. (Hi Laura! XOXOX!)

Anyway, then I’m going to finish up Reading Between the Lines. It’s not due until August but I’d love to have it out of the way early and right now I’ve got several things done, out for submission and waiting so I have the time and the story is one I want to tell. So yay for that.

Okay, back to the grind – this has been a busy weekend and now I need to finish up getting clothes together for the kids for the week and at some point, deal with the mess in my front room where I’ve got RT crap everywhere.

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