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Okay, got some caffeine in me now…

Last night I finished Kat Richardson’s Greywalker. Holy smokes! What a marvelous book this was. I had it in my TBR pile and I kept getting interrupted over and over and finally I got to it again and once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Richardson’s world is rich and interesting and Harper is a great character. I’m biased because I live in Seattle of course, but I think the setting was perfect and the choice of Pioneer Square as a hang out for loads of ghosts and dark things was marvelous. Great action, fabulous worldbuilding, just a great book.

I checked Kat’s webpage and she says the second book, Poltergeist is coming out in August and I’m definitely going back for a second helping of Richardson’s world.

I also finished Nalini Singh’s Visions of Heat and was every bit as enthralled with this installment as I was with Slave to Sensation. The thing with series is that each book should be connected but tell a different story. I don’t want the same book over and over and Singh manages to give us a totally new story while remaining on a course the first book set.

I wasn’t sure about VOH at first, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Faith but in the end, I liked Faith a lot, even more than Sascha who is a great heroine. And Vaughn? I love how barely leashed he was but always with her. He pushed and listed to his inner voice and he wasn’t a woman in a man suit like some romance heroes tend to be.

The chemistry was well done, unfolding nicely and believably. Singh’s world of Psy and Changeling is ultimately rich and fascinating and I’m definitely looking forward to reading Judd’s book later this year.

I want to write about Sasha White’s Lush and Vivi Anna’s Blood Secrets but they need more page space because I loved them both so much and well, because I think Sasha and Vivi deserve the time too. For now, I’ll say I highly recommend both books, I’ll follow up with more detailed reviews soon.

Sadly, I had a few DNFs this last week but I won’t go into what they were.

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