Saturday Stuff

It’s dark and rainy this morning but the sound of the rain last night, not torrential, not with wind so hard it threatened to blow my house down – just rain, was lovely and made for a nice night’s rest. I’m still tired though, LOL. I’ve been operating on 4 or so hours’ sleep a night for the last 10 days or so with finishing up several projects and when I go to to bed finally my mind races about whatever work I just finished and the other things on my to do list. Last night I got nearly 7 hours, which is a lot better than 4.

I finished For A Few Demons More and I have to say this first – OH NO YOU DID NOT, KIM HARRISON! Oh how I gasped, and man was I pissed off but I loved this book.

After I finished it, I couldn’t go right to sleep so I turned on my laptop and opened up Wolf Unbound and remembered how much I love Tegan and Ben so I’ll be getting back to it soon.

I got my cover for Sword and Crown and I want to post it but I haven’t heard back on my email about whether or not it’s official so I can. It’s seriously gorgeous, vivid, very sort of 1920’s film poster – I love where they seem to be going with the Torrid Tarot series so I can’t wait to put it up.

Honestly, I get the creepiest spam comments here! Suffice it to say that there are things in the world I’m quite pleased not to know about, nor do I want pictures or live camera shots of it. People should try volunteering at the local foodbank if they’ve got enough spare time they can actually film this bizarre stuff and then spam my blog with offers designed to tempt people into watching after they gobble down illegal mail order drugs they don’t have prescriptions for.

Blah, I’m babbling but I’m sleepy and my poor husband has to work today for most of the day and the kids are going to go stir crazy because of the weather but whatevah, I want to get over this “gah, I just finished a book and revisions and I feel like i need to sleep for a week” slightly nauseated exhaustion thing.

I’m off to get a cup of chai and to stop a fight over bionicles (sigh). Y’all enjoy your Saturday and stay dry if you’re here in the Northwest!

One comment to “Saturday Stuff”

  1. Charlene
    March 24th, 2007 at 8:25 am · Link

    Oh, yeah, that tired feeling. :mrgreen: Good thing it doesn’t last.

    Stay dry over there! We actually took a walk this morning to see how fast the river is rising. I want an ark. 😯