Chat Reminder and Hump Day Hello

Just a reminder that I’m chatting tonight at Romance at Heart at 6 pm pacific/9 eastern! Come by and say hello and maybe win something.

How’s everyone doing today? I’m working on trying to cut the last 900 words from Stripped (I thought I only had 1200 to but I miscounted – it was 2200! Gah!) Anyway, I’m hoping to finish up with the final of that by the end of this week.

I’m also trying to figure out RT promo stuff, what to bring – what to do in my stints at Club RT, that sort of stuff. I’ll have two shiny new bookmarks to unveil, which will be fun. Pens, etc. I’ll do some special stuff for the gift totes I’m doing too. I’m pretty excited about RT, this is my first one and I can’t wait to meet folks and hang out for a few days with other writers and reader friends.

Let’s see, nothing else much exciting going on here. Just work and more work. Interspersed with laundry and the dishes.

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