It's Titilating Tuesday!

Excerpts up at my messageboard for those so inclined.

Stuff on my To Do List for this week:

1. Chatting tomorrow night at Romance At Heart! This is my first chat with them so please come out to say hello!

2. Find what to cut to get the last 1K out of Stripped to get it down to 27K

3. Finish fleshing out the story for my next proposal for the Vegas anth

4. Get more written on Making Chase

5. Get bookmarks ordered for RT

6. Clean my house (my husband would be very happy with this one)

7. Be sure everything contest wise has been mailed out.

In and around this there are kid type things – a play for one child on Saturday while the other one is at a birthday party. Present procuring for said party. Teacher conference for one kiddo. The usual, LOL.

Not a bad week!

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