Sunday Stuff…

Yesterday I needed new glasses and went out to get them. Sigh. Okay, first of all, my healthcare program doesn’t have Saturday hours for the optometry services. Now I get that they’re all people with lives and stuff and I don’t begrudge them their weekends, but it’s impossible for me to get there with kids in tow and this is a really hard time of year for my husband to take off so I had to go to a non system eye doctor who was open on Saturday. Anyway, I got my eye exam and found out I have mild astygmatism, which apparently isn’t something I can do anything about but it sounds awful.

So I did get my glasses, which I quite like. And they’ve got special lenses shaped to help with the astygmatism so for the first several hours after I got them, it was very disorienting! I’m used to it now but I suppose it went to show just how much I needed new glasses that these are such a huge difference.

But while I was out and waiting for everything I went to the bookstore – hee! I picked up: Vivi Anna’s Inferno, the new Crimson City Anthology because I love Patti O’Shea and I’ve been looking for it everywhere, Jackie Kessler’s Hells Belles and a cool book on celtic mythology. All on a gift card! Yay!

The husband and I watched, The Last Sect, which appears to be a straight to video vampire movie that looks a thousand times more cheesy on the box than it really was. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. There were some plot holes but the overall story arc and world myth they’d built was pretty good and I was definitely entertained, even by as one of the characters calls “wild vampire sluts” which wasn’t so much the case but there are some hawt chick vampire girl on girl kisses which were sort of relevant to the plot and not so incredibly overdone that you laughed.

And today I get to have lunch with a friend I don’t see nearly enough! Indian food! Woooo! Oh and then I need to pick up the stuff for my oldest’s costume for the upcoming school play. Glamorous!

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  1. Charlene
    January 28th, 2007 at 4:54 pm · Link

    Hooray for new glasses! And fun new books and Indian food. 🙂