Well, now I’m going to mess up my checks and everything else I sign and date for three months because I am a tool.

But it was a lovely New Year’s Eve. I spent part of the afternoon with my friends, one of whom flew up from California so it was really nice to hang out. We had afternoon tea and went shopping in downtown Snohomish, which has many lovely little antique shops. And I came home with Lavender Earl Grey tea, something I first had at another friend’s birthday tea at The Queen Mary in Seattle in May (wonderful place!).

Anyway, then I came home and after we got the kids to bed, my dude and I had drinks and watched Descent. Holy poop on a stick, that is a scary movie. I’m slightly claustrophobic so a horror movie that takes place in caves? Shudder. Anyway, it was very well done and it did not end like I expected it to. But it was cool to have an all female cast and some hard-core ass kicking women in it as well.

Then I watched this show on Everest on the Discovery Channel. I have to admit I’m totally confused and fascinated by people who climb Everest. I mean, people die. People get sick, people lose brain function and get frostbite and they spent tens of thousands of dollars and yet, some go back again and again to try and make it to the top in a place called “the death zone” I don’t get it. I like adrenaline as much as the next person, it’s the death part I can’t quite get past. Human nature totally fascinates me.

Midnight came in with huge fanfare from my neighbors who thought, “hey, let’s set off dynamite at midnight! Won’t that be fun? Maybe we can make that dog at the end of the street lose its voice from barking from now until dawn!” My husband and I snuggled but then the wee monster woke up and stayed that way until nearly 3. I’m a bit bleary eyed this morning but my husband is making coffee and he let me sleep in. I am truly a lucky girl!

This afternoon it’s up to see another friend and her family! Until then I need to wake up and work on some household stuff and some revisions as well.

I hope everyone had a lovely evening last night! Best wishes for a marvelous New Year.

2 comments to “2007”

  1. cathy
    January 1st, 2007 at 8:32 pm · Link

    Sounds wonderful. We watched the Everest climb too, then followed it up with March of the Penguins, which we loved. Great life lessons to be learned from watching this movie. Told the kids, until you have walked 70 miles in way below zero temperatures ( 3 or more times for these little guys), you have nothing in your life worth complaining about.

  2. Cathie
    January 2nd, 2007 at 10:36 am · Link

    It was quiet here too Lauren. We watched a funny NASCAR movie, I can’t remember the name of it (i am so bad with movies) but it was a comedy one. I don’t watch much movies except for like some classics but too rarely. So anyways, we snacked too on different finger foods I made. It was just the four of us here. I had to laugh cuz usually its me that falls asleep before midnight on the eve, but this year it was my husband that did!