On Barbie Shoes, Legos and My Little Pony…

We’re slowly recovering here. The kids are still hyper after yesterday but only two meltdowns for my two year old today versus one hella large one and several small ones yesterday. We went to the mall (I know, insane!) but we had a mission, one store and one thing and it wasn’t that bad at all. Now we have new dishes, yay!

You know, here’s the thing, it’s been like, thirty years since I’ve played with a Barbie doll but one would think they’d have improved the Barbie shoe situation. They have not! I put Barbie’s f*ckin shoes back on two dozen times yesterday before they finally got lost. If Barbie can dance a jig and sing Karoke and ride a horse, how come her shoes still fall off when you move her?

And what is it with the “ho” barbie? I was in a large chain toy store a few weeks back (looking for the one of the 12 dancing princess barbies, sigh) and came upon not only those vile Bratz dolls but a “bling” barbie who looked nearly as ho-ish as the Bratz did, only without those collagen injected lips. My goodness it’s hard to raise a daughter with all of this junk out there, I don’t need dolls with hoochie momma shorts and enough eye makeup on to make a las vegas showgirl look plain. Blech! (oops, that paragraph brought to you by the word “tangent”).

My sons got new legos, the tiny ones that are like little plastic daggers in the soles of your feet at midnight. They’ve taken the 1,000 pieces and transformed them into a giant ship. And play dough, and art supplies, model kids, my middle monster got a nintendo DS, modeling clay, etc. So much stuff, we opened presents for a very long time.

My daughter got a few dolls of the ballerina type which she loved. She’s big into ballet right now, which makes me very happy because I love ballet and I’m so glad I can share that with her. She’s tough as nails, my daughter, but very girly too. She also got some my little pony stuff. More of it anyway. I now have even more pony hair to brush and she’s got them all set up in a little corral on her coloring table.

Okay, back to life now. I’m so very close to finishing my edits on Ascension and I’ll get them finshed up tonight, thank goodness. Then back to The Others, yay! My husband is off until after the first of the year and we’ve got all sorts of home improvement projects to finish. It’ll be nice to have him around more, too.

Have a great Tuesday!

3 comments to “On Barbie Shoes, Legos and My Little Pony…”

  1. Kate Davies
    December 26th, 2006 at 10:51 pm · Link

    Oh, thank goodness there’s another mom out there who boycotts Bratz! My eight year old is on a campaign to convince me that they’re not “bad” brats, but just nicknamed Bratz. Hasn’t worked on me yet. 😛

    This was Game Christmas for us this year. We ended up having to clear out an entire cabinet in the dining room just to fit them all in. For some reason, everyone decided that my kids needed new games–Sorry, Life, Rummikub, Disney Scene It, and on and on. Fine by me — at least they won’t be glued to the TV all break!

    Best of luck with your edits, and the home improvement projects!

  2. Liz Walters Syreen
    December 27th, 2006 at 1:55 pm · Link

    I laughed out loud at your barbie shoes fight! Thanks for the chuckles! They are awful, aren’t they…

  3. Erin the Innocent
    December 29th, 2006 at 6:58 pm · Link

    My sister has entered the realm of fighting with the barbie shoes. (My niece is 3 now) She feels your pain *g*

    Actually their dog does. I think the dog ate one of the barbie shoes on Christmas day. LOL