Hump Day

Hmm, what to talk about on Hump Day? The creepy people who sign up for my messageboard to spam me? Here’s a clue, I don’t want your spam. If you want to talk about prescription medication or really gross porn, start your own messageboard. I’m an author, my messageboard isn’t about pills by mail or really gross porn. Stop. Seriously, just find your own corner of the internet and hang out there, why parasite off other people who don’t want your presence? It’s pathetic really. I don’t show up at a web board about computer gaming to talk about my books, or a board about pills by mail either. Why? Because I have manners and my mother raised me right.

Daniel Craig? HA! I’ve been a booster from the start and I’m so glad he’s proved all the doubtful people wrong. He’s hothothot!

I finally got the new Suzanne Enoch today. I’ve been waiting weeks and weeks. I can’t wait! She’s so wonderful with contemporaries and I love her historicals too. Just goes to show that authors can jump genres and do a great job.

My middle kid is still in school until the end of this week. I had to drag the other two to pick him up, which is a lot like walking very big dogs. Big dogs who ate a lot of sugar and smell a squirrel. There’s lots of hopping and surging and falling over feet. Tripping, climbing on wholly inappropriate things, usually that have sharp edges that are rusty. I wish I had the kind of children who played quietly and never got dirty. I know those kids exist!

My oldest broke a tooth and he’s all freaked to have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Sigh. I need to be more proactive with dental stuff and the kids.

I finished a revision of a partial and it’s off to crit. I’m now going to deal with edits on Ascension and get those done. Then back to The Others and then I need to write the outline of the next novella for Spice. It’s good to be busy. I wish I could say it kept me out of trouble but I can say it keeps me working and focused and that’s a good thing.

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