Sundry Monday

I’m working on my newsletter today so if you’re a subscriber, you’ll see it later this afternoon. If you aren’t, why not? It’s free, I’ve got monthly contests and excerpts too. Click here to subscribe.

Samhain has a new blog! It’s very pretty. Go and check it out. Different Samhain authors will be taking different days to blog. So many of us, it’s on a three month cycle right now so it should be a great and varied blog to read. My day is December 27! I have no idea what I’ll blog about just yet though.

Congrats to all my buddies who finalled in the Eppies! Good luck, everyone.

Writerly type stuff – WIPage: I’m 14K in to my partial of The Others. We had consummation last night. Well, that is to say Sam and Nadia had consummation, I just watched as I wrote it because I’m a deviant that way. I do need to set it aside though, to finish up a revision on Enclave, which I should be able to get done by the end of this week (I need to add about twenty more pages or so).

Readerage – Next up I’ve got TJ Michaels’ Gift Wrap Optional and Mackenzie McKade’s Bound for the Holidays. I’ll talk about em Friday!

Anyone do anything exciting this weekend? I made pumpkin bread, which turned out fabulous (thanks to Julia and her recipe I wheedled). My entire family adores this bread, it’s got a chewy crust and a yummy middle. I add chocolate chips because I am a fool for chocolate (and a slave to love, baby!). We also had the lovely and talented Lacy Danes over for drinks and snacky goodness Saturday night, which was really fun.

My middle monster has a cold, again. And he loves to give me mucus updates on the quarter hour. Just in case I needed to know. Which I’ve assured him I really, really don’t. But he takes this responsibility serious and he’s camped beside me in a chair with tissues and his gameboy. Mmm, motherhood is glamorous, no?

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