Dayquil is a nasty substance. Orange, viscous, blech! The only reason I take nyquil is that it knocks me out and gives me sleep of the dead. But dayquil has made me nausated and dizzy. Or eh, maybe the plague that’s infested my system has made me nauseated and dizzy and dayquil does nothing to impede the killing of every cell in my body. Doesn’t help that all three kids are home sick today although thank god they are all watching cartoons and not fighting for the moment.

I’m at the Samhain Cafe on and off this afternoon. Despite feeling slightly “on another plane of existence” ish today, it’s been fun. I’m fixin to give some more stuff away soon. Yahoo is lagging which is par for the course I suppose but only by about 20 minutes, which for them isn’t bad at all.

Both Taking Chase and Thrice United release tomorrow! I’m pretty thrilled when I don’t feel dizzy enough to fall out of my chair. Excerpts are up at my website if you’d like a sneak peek.

Oh and a nice surprise via an unexpected review for Taking Chase!

Maura at The Romance Studio gives Taking Chase 4 1/2 hearts and says in part: I really enjoyed my second trip to Petal. The inhabitants are friendly and quirky and the Chase brothers are definitely worth revisiting. Cassie is an incredibly vivid character and the reader will be able to see her progress both mentally and in her romantic life with Shane. I like the way she refuses to let anyone boss her around and the way she stands up to the very intimidating Shane. Shane has his own issues with trust, but he makes a big effort with Cassie, he becomes a much better person than in the last book. Polly is as colorful as ever and the suspense over whether the ex husband will finally find Cassie will keep the reader at the edge of her seat. I can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Christine
    November 21st, 2006 at 7:48 am · Link

    Getting my copy on Tuesday. At lunch maybe I’ll be able to read a little. Feel better soon. I hope the kids get better soon. There is nothing worse then having all of your children and mom sick at the same time.