And thank goodness for it, I tell you! This week has been completely bizarre and emotionally trying so I’m glad to see it gone.

Today we went to the Rainforest Cafe to celebrate my oldest’s ninth birthday. His actual birthday is Monday but as we’re all around on the weekends, we did a bit of early celebrating. We even had the chocolate volcano with a sparkler.

This is a picture of me and my daughter after the ice cream, brownie, fudge extravaganza. I look slightly dazed because my kids were actually good in a restaurant for two hours, a new record.
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Of course the day started with her hair in a headband that matched the dress but the headband was thrown off in disgust so many times I finally just gave up.

The boys loved the animatronic gorillas while the wee monster was less than thrilled. Still, it was a fun outing and the meltdown didn’t start until we got nearly home so I’m counting it as a big success!

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Even better, I got back to Threat of Darkness during her naptime and got about 1500 words down, which was a relief. This last week I did two rounds of edits on two separate books and blurbed one (sometimes blurbing is so ridiculously hard!), did my excerpts, etc. It’s been busy but all of that has been good.

Had an 80s music gorgefest as I watched the VH1 Top 100 Songs of the 80s. I liked most of their choices but didn’t agree with their choice for number one. It wasn’t a song I hated or anything but it’s not one I’d say was most indicative of the decade. I did listen to Back in Black and several of my Go Go’s CDs this last week though, hee!

Worked on my website. Organized my genre page, updated the books pages with new reviews, etc. I’m off to make a Taking Chase page and get an excerpt up for that this week.

Is everyone having a good weekend?

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