A bunch of totally unrelated things…

It’s probably not wise to start off one’s morning listening to Marilyn Manson. Still, it does lend a theme to the day, LOL, especially the instrumental stuff he wrote for the Matrix soundtrack.

So I’ve decided I’m a really fortunate person to know so many interesting people. I asked a group of them to pony up opinions about weapons my heroine in Enclave would carry and they went above and beyond the call of duty in giving me ideas and helping me with issues of portability, carrying, stopping power for big bad undead creatures, etc. Thank you everyone who gave your time and brainpower to this!

My daughter never wants to wear anything more than shoes. On the one hand, go her for being a shoe fanatic like her momma. On the other hand, this makes her father nervous and he wonders if this is a pattern, LOL!

I realized the other day that Virginia Swift had a new Sally Alder mystery out that I hadn’t even seen. I quickly remedied that and picked it up this weekend. I love Sally and Laramie is a great town as character but I just didn’t find myself connecting to this book in the way I have with the other books in the series. I had the mystery figured out pretty early on, which is unusual when I read Swift. Anyway, everyone has an off book from time to time and I still love all the characters but um, more Hawk and Sally please. I think their relationship and the dynamics of it are so rich for exploration but she doesn’t give them enough attention. I wanted so much more, especially in this particular book but it was barely touched on and certainly not explained enough. Gimme more, Virginia!!

I’m nearly finished with the partial revision of Enclave. I think I’ll just keep plugging away on the entire thing though. That is until I start getting edits. I know I’ll be seeing Taking Chase soon and Sword and Crown 2nd round edits should be coming my way next week or the week after too.

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