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To Revise – In Document or Fresh and Clean?

So I’m working on a revision right now. I’ve been wanting to for some time but I’ve been wavering between just starting it over and using the ideas or trying to revise in document. The chief problem is that I wrote it in first person. When I wrote it, the romance element was a sub plot but as I now have a romance fan base and I want to aim this at the nocturne line, I’m going to play up the romantic element more. Which to me means third person so readers can know what he’s thinking too. Plus, I’m heightening the sensuality level.

Now the thing is, I write erotica in first person. Some folks get a bit squicky about it but I like first person as an erotic device. But this isn’t erotica, it’s a two steps lower on the sensuality scale from that so my tendency with first person when I write sex is to be much more hard and edgy.

Anyway, I think the story will benefit from third person for more than that reason. I had a few test reads last year and they all brought up that the first person was distracting from the romance. Which at the time I didn’t necessarily care about because it wasn’t going to be so much romance oriented.

And lately I’ve noticed with older books, I do much better to just use the first draft as an outline and just write clean in a new document. It goes WAY faster than writing from scratch and it has the benefit of the first draft work but I don’t get hung up on scenes I get attached to and with first to third POV I have to deal with tense issues and that’s hard to do in document. SO, starting anew and I kicked ass on it last night. So hee!

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