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Got an early review for Reluctant from Joyfully Reviewed! Talia says in part: Reluctant was naughty to read and I relished every word. I have to say that I simply am head over heels in love with Lauren Dane’s werewolves and I can’t wait for the next book of this series!

And one from Riley’s Reviews for A Touch of Fae! She gives it 4 1/2 books and says in part: The chemistry between Em and Con is explosive and explicit (duh, it’s an Ellora’s Cave book!). No less compelling, though, is their emotional connection—the way they stand with each other against any and all opposition, whether from their own families, the fae court, or the bad guys, is beautiful and seamless. So too is the touching way Em learns to have faith in Con, the one man in the world she can’t read with her skills.

this book was just about perfect: great sex, clear emotion, and a coherent plot. Lauren Dane clearly recognizes that erotica can do more than just titillate. I also give her kudos for not lining up her sequel characters like ducks in a carnival game. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m so tired of opening a new book and seeing X number of siblings and realizing that they are all sequel fodder. In the case of the Charvez family, I know there are more books, but it’s not obvious who the leads are, and in my current contrary mood, that suits me just fine.

One final comment: the way Em revived Con? Priceless. *g*

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