Hump Dayness

So I’m at 25K on Stripped and I’ll be done with the first draft tomorrow, Friday at the latest. Novella writing is a much faster process than a novel. Still, I prefer novel length probably because I have dialog tendencies I need to feed, LOL. I’m just happy I’ll be able to get it to my agent before my self imposed deadline.

And then back to Wolf Unbound, the next Cascadia Wolves book. I’d really gotten into it when this marvelous opportunity for the anthology came to me so I hope I can get back into the characters’ heads again. I think it’ll be okay, I like to go back and forth between contemps and paranormals to keep my brain engaged.

I was reading through my voter guide and man, there are some seriously wackadoo people running for office, scarily enough for supreme court. One of the candidates (non wackadoo) is a guy I went to law school with. He was very nice. I don’t know if I’m voting for him but I do know I’m not voting for the woman who was put on the bench with no prior experience who chided female attorneys for not wearing skirts to court like a freak. As if a suit with slacks makes your argument worse? Oh, the air on the calves is more suitable for justice? Jeebus, I’m glad get to hang out at home in a pony tail and in bare feet most of the day.

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