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Let’s see, I’ve been terrible since my computer died about putting my new reviews up (oh and my ftp is all wonky on my laptop and I had to beg the ever marvelous Frauke for help, which she gave, to update my website)

Today I learned that Sudden Desire got an RR and FIVE angels from FAR! Jen says in part: A little wild and absolutely wonderful! Ms. Dane shows herself to be a very talented writer with this piece. All authors have the daunting task of creating likeable and substantive characters, and Ms. Dane successfully accomplished this feat in 43 pages, which I find truly admirable. I felt proud of Tess for standing up for herself and not settling for less than she deserved, and no matter how apparent Trevor’s flaws were, he proved to be an irresistible hero! With its touches of humor and a few blisteringly hot scenes, Sudden Desire was a complete pleasure. In fact, I think this is one of the better short stories I’ve read in a while.

Novelspot gives Sudden Desire an 8 and Elizabeth says in part: Sudden Desire is a fantastic novella that will surely tempt you – as it has me – to read more of Lauren Dane’s tales, and with choice aplenty that should not be a hard thing to accomplish. I already have a few tales picked out. Sudden Desire is stunningly sensual from the get go, and the pace is kept up right throughout the story. Rest assured, the sex is very detailed, and slightly adventurous in terms of locations, but no taboo acts are engaged in.

Suz at Ecataromance gives Sudden Desire four stars and says in part: Ms Dane has a rare flair for showing the true emotions of her characters. With the desire between this unlikely couple slowly simmering, you will simply be unable to resist reading on for the fireworks. Although short and sweet, WARNING, Sudden Desire is too hot to handle!

Cynthia at A Romance Review gives Sudden Desire Four Roses and says in part: Sudden Desire perfectly blended eroticism with humor. There’s nothing like a smart-aleck heroine to move the action and dialogue of a story. Lauren’s version of the office romance will make you grin long after you have finished the book.

Erotic Escapades gives Giving Chase Four Tattoos and Ophelia says in part: Giving Chase by Lauren Dane has many plot twists and turns to keep the reader guessing what will happen next. Maggie’s character has had very little love and affection in her life. She is not used to the boisterous and outgoing Chase clan. They open many emotional doors that she never knew existed. Kyle is an easygoing man comfortable with his good looks and uncomplicated lifestyle. His immediate lustful reaction to Maggie overloads his senses until he can think of little else. I was particularly impressed by Ms. Dane’s use of the vivid secondary characters which helped embellish the book. (…)

Giving Chase is a delightful story that I will pull out to read again and again. I hope Ms. Dane continues this series about the Chase brothers. They all sound so yummy.

Candy at Coffeetime Romance gives Giving Chase four cups and says in part: Kyle and Maggie are two excellent characters that bring absolute enjoyment and scorching, explosive passion to every page. Ms. Dane definitely has a winner with this story. I hope that this author will bestow more books upon us about the rest of the Chase brothers, especially the emotionally wounded Shane. I definitely believe everybody should make time for this book. This story was a pure delight.

Cynthia at A Romance Review gives Enforcer four roses and says in part: Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer , the first book in Lauren Dane’s new werewolf series. A feisty heroine and her forceful but sweet alpha male lover drive this clever engaging sexy romance filled with equally compelling secondary characters. Very well plotted with quick droll dialogue.

Contessa at The Romance Studio gives Sleight of Hand Four and A Half Hearts and says in part: Sleight of Hand by Lauren Dane is a thrilling romance story that is sure to set your blood on fire. From start to finish I was caught up in the dynamics of this exciting book. Both Lissie and Xander were very headstrong characters that did not believe in giving up on what they believed in. They were constantly butting heads, which made this novel a highly erotic and interesting read. The sexual encounters between Lissie and Xander were scorching hot and intensely passionate to say the least. I recommend this enjoyable read to all vampire lovers!

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