Oh! And…

I’m going to be having a List Mom day at the EC Reader Chat on Tuesday July 25 – Powerful Paranormal Women – to celebrate the upcoming release of Witches Knot Book Three: Vengeance Due on August 2! I’ll be manning the board from 8 – 1 pm pacific/11 – 4 eastern!

Simone Charvez admits she’s high maintenance, but she’s also more than the pretty piece of fluff everyone seems to take her for. When Kael Gardener walks into her shop, tattoos, piercings and bad boy attitude she knows she’s in for trouble. For Kael, the news that not all vampires are like the monsters that slaughtered his entire family is nearly as hard to take as his all encompassing attraction to a witch with a family that includes one.

Simone fights to get Kael to let his guard down and love her and Kael fights to keep his emotional distance from a woman he’s sure he has nothing to offer to. All of this as they race to find and kill the Oathbreakers who threaten not just all of New Orleans but Simone’s very soul.

I’m pretty excited about this one, it’s the first new Witches Knot book to be released in a year!

Anyway, I’ll have great excerpts and sneak peeks from upcoming books and other fabulous EC authors like: BJ McCall, Tawny Taylor, TJ Michaels, Shelley Munro, Jory Strong, Rod Casteel, Katherine Kingston, Cynthia Williams and Anya Bast. So Save the Date! July 25 from 11 – 4 eastern time/ 8 to 1 pacific!

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  1. Mechele Armstrong
    July 23rd, 2006 at 7:05 am · Link

    Congrats on the Witch’s Knot book coming out soon.