D’you know how some people cannot say anything positive to save their lives? Ugh. I know someone like this. She’s not someone I’d say was a friend but I swear that the only comments she ever makes to me are negative. I won’t hear a peep for months and then she’ll swoop in to deliver some odd backhanded compliment – on my author pictures she made a comment about how she liked more makeup in pictures and some other stuff that was basically a burn but I was like, “ooookay, well thanks then” and then, okay, I love shoes. If you’ve read my books you’ll probably know that I love lingerie and shoes. I’m a shoe whore, I admit it. So anyway, I posted pictures of my newest shoes because I’m sick that way and she made this odd comment aboud how they looked great with pants but she wouldn’t buy them because the strap took away from the long leg effect.

Now, I’m not Miss Manners or anything, but I do understand some basic rules about posting to people when they put up pictures of something shiny they just bought. If you think something is ugly, you just don’t comment. Unless you’re a good friend and you can IM your friend and find some way of telling her the shorts make her ass look gigantic or the dress is slutty, whatever. But you don’t make critical comments to someone you don’t really know. It’s not about you and frankly, I don’t care what you would buy, they’re my shoes, I bought them.

LOL, god, I’m bitchy.

On to something nicer. The ever so wonderful Ciar has a really fun thing at her blog and I am totally going to rip it off and use it here, because I think it’s wonderful (and it’s her idea, I want to give her full credit here)

SHOW YOUR LOVE – Essentially the gist is this: Is there someone(s) that deserves your thanks, your love or a kind word for something they’ve done for you? A crit partner, agent, editor, friend, spouse? If so, lay it on me. Tell them here and let them know.

One comment to “TGIF”

  1. Lauren Dane
    July 15th, 2006 at 5:53 pm · Link

    Oh okay, I’ll go first:

    To Megan and Anya – it’s hard to begin to quantify what you two bring to my life – laughter, great advice, shoulders, a kick in the ass if I need it, great books to read. I’m glad to have you both.

    Ann – you’re the bomb. Honestly, you set the bar by which I judge all other editors.

    Angie – you too. You take care of my words, that means a lot. You don’t mess with my voice, you make me a better writer. Between you and Ann, it’ll be hard to find another editor who can begin to fill your shoes.

    My fabulous readers – you all rock. You’ve supported me and helped me and cheered me on. Thank you.

    My beta readers – Renee, Di, Julia, Tracy and on occasion Joy – thank you. Thank you for your time and your efforts in helping my books come out better. Even if Di hates Conchobar so much she won’t even speak his name.

    My husband – because let me tell you all, he’s my best friend and biggest supporter and I’d be a greasy spot if he wasn’t in my world.

    I’m sure I’ll think of more…