New Reviews for Sudden Desire!

Today’s Issue of the JERR newsletter had two new reviews for Sudden Desire!

Kirra Pierce gives it 4 stars and an H! And says in part: Trevor starts out a little, okay, a lot, clueless when it comes to Tess, but once he notices her, things heat up quickly. I have to love a woman who could look into the purely gorgeous male face of a guy she’s had a major crush on and still tell him to shove it. Tess has backbone! (…) For a fun summer read, I recommend some Sudden Desire.

And KayleeMarie Walker gives it 4 1/2 stars and an H and says in part: Lauren Dane proves once again that she has a way with words with her short story, Sudden Desire. This quick contemporary erotic romance has good pacing throughout and while the plot may not be what one might consider original, it is certainly sexy entertainment at its best. It’s a pleasure to read because the characters are refreshingly lifelike when it comes to their emotions and faults.

Thank you Kirra and KayleeMarie!

One comment to “New Reviews for Sudden Desire!”

  1. Ciar Cullen
    July 10th, 2006 at 4:54 pm · Link

    Awesome reviews, LD! Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to pry those stars out of those JERR gals with a backhoe, doesn’t it? Good going!!!!