Saturday Afternoon

It’s hot today but there’s a lovely breeze for now, which makes it so much nicer. My wonderful husband is now in the backyard putting up the cool shade canopy I said I wanted. Because he’s just that good to me. Hee! I love hanging out outside on a summer evening when the kids are all running around.

My parents are visiting us soon and the kids are so very excited. It’ll be nice to see them. My dad is getting ready to retire and I hope they move up here when they do. My children adore them and it’ll be great to have them closer as the kids grow up instead of a few states away.

My oldest son’s little friend calls our house six times a day. They talk about Pokemon incessantly. Did I mention that school just ended Thursday? LOL, I don’t think I was on the phone at 8 more than, “hey Frances, wanna come over to my house? Great!” Click. Ah the times are a changing. He has kids in his class who already have cell phones. *I* don’t even have a cell phone! Jeebus, makes me feel 900 years old.

I have a confession to make, I watched three episodes of Girls Next Door. I could not tear my eyes away. I pray these women are faking being stupid because if not, wow. In any case. it’s car wreck awful. Like these women have a 9 pm curfew awful, LOL. Utterly fascinating, LOL.

Once again, “the woman” is reviewing paranormals even after she’s told us all how much she hates the genre. Why, oh why, do people do this? Why do people review books from genres they hate? And this is not a blog, where hey, do whatever you want, it’s a romance readers forum and she’s the host. There’s a huge difference. Drives me fucking nuts. I wouldn’t review westerns or inspirationals because they aren’t my thing (even though I did love Lonesome Dove and there’ve been some western themed romances I’ve enjoyed – Elizabeth Lowell being an exception to many of my rules). I don’t understand it, it’s like a holy mission for her or something.

I’m now beset by that late summer afternoon lethargy, warm and drowsy. Mmmm.

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  1. Kathy
    June 25th, 2006 at 7:57 am · Link

    My husband is on vacation…We thought about going to the Ocean…not now….6 inches of rain fell in 6 hours and it is still rianing in waves….we are having flash floods, roads are washed out here in Dorchester County. The police are asking people to stay home. Evacuations of towns along rivers are starting. I
    have lived here 32 years and have not seen anything like this. My husband helped push a flooded car down the road and we have 2 people, who don’t speak any English at our house. I gave them coffee, food, towels, and dry clothes, and use of the bath room!

    What an unexpected mess! Thank goodness we are on a small hill of land.