A Touch Of Fae

It’s finally in print! Yayayayayyyyy! Right now it’s at the print warehouse, and within a few weeks it’ll show up on the EC print book site and then at Amazon and then at Waldenbooks and Borders and those indie bookstores that carry EC books.

This is sort of funny timing because I’ve heard from readers and also from two bookstores that they could not get copies of Triad because it showed as out of print. I contacted Kelly at Jasmine Jade (and folks, Kelly kicks butt on several levels but she consistently returns correspondence in a timely manner and that’s rare these days). Anyway, Kelly wrote me back to tell me that my first print run sold out and that they’d ordered another one. How freaking cool is it that Triad sold out its first print run? Wooot!

So anyway, I hope to see A Touch of Fae on shelves mid summer, sitting next to Triad.

I’ve ordered some copies for myself so I’ll be doing some fun contests very soon and also mailing those copies out to people who’ve won in the past and have been waiting ever so patiently.

It’s lovely news!

Got my edits back on Tri Mates and Giving Chase has gone to the FLE. Things are moving, yay!

3 comments to “A Touch Of Fae”

  1. Kathy
    June 6th, 2006 at 3:46 pm · Link

    Congratulations, Lauren! I bet you feel pretty good right now! Are you doing a little Snoopy happy-dance? grin!

    I have both books in e-books form, because I have run out of room for bookshelves. I am in the process of weeding thorugh my “keepers” and sending them to my sister and nieces, so I will have room for some of the series I Have-to buy and keep forever. (one good thing about e-books is I can’t lend them out to friends and then not have them returned, like sometimes happens with printed books. No one touches my laptop! Except, my tech-y son!)

  2. Anonymous
    June 7th, 2006 at 1:35 am · Link

    I saw 2 copies of Triad in Borders Birmingham (UK not Alabama) but that may be a bit far for some of your readers. I have the e-book so didn’t buy a copy but Triad is the only EC book I have seen in the UK (Birmingham area) Jo

  3. Lauren Dane
    June 7th, 2006 at 8:32 am · Link

    Jo – Thanks for the info! That’s really cool.

    Kathy – yep, snoopy dancing. I’ll be even goofier when the books get here, LOL.