One thing I’ll say for quickies is that you can write them very fast because you’re essentially distilling down to one scene or a few scenes in a larger story. I just finished up two hours ago and I’m pretty pleased with where I ended up. I’m going to submit it for the “Autumn Animalia” series but I’m not sure if it’s got enough focus on the werewolf aspect to be a part of it, although both characters are werewolves and the central focus is based on an integral factor in their culture. In any case, even if it’s not right for that series, it’ll still be a good quickie for another time of the year.

I’ll go back through tonight and lengthen the first sex scene and edit and get it to my editor tomorrow. Still not sure what I’ll call it. I’d like to just call it “Cascadia Wolves: Sid and Layla” but I don’t know just yet. For those who’ve read Enforcer, we hear about Sid and Layla’s bonding when Tracy goes to talk to Nina about the importance of the tri-bond. And yes, there’s a threesome scene in this one, just one, and Layla is blindfolded (yeah, that bit came to me last night, I liked the different focus that a scene takes when she can’t see who is doing what)

So it’s set ten years ago and Layla is twenty five and so not looking for a mate when she ends up with one totally by surprise.

Anyway, she’s surprised and scared and reluctant which is why I’ve had reluctant as part of the title from day one, but I’m not sure if that’s the title or not and if so, what other word will work.

I’ll talk to my editor about titles, right now it’s just called Reluctant and that’s probably what I’ll submit it as.

I watched Kill Bill Vol I and II last night. Each time I do, I’m struck by something totally different. Still, I think I is my favorite of the two movies – the scene with the Crazy 88s in Japan kicks ass – from beginning to end. And Elle and Bea in the trailer, yeah, best line “Bitch, you ain’t got a future.” Daryl Hannah is crazy. I love that. “yeah, that’s right, I killed your master.” Beauty.

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  1. Lyn Cash
    May 29th, 2006 at 2:24 pm · Link

    Lauren, best of luck with the Autumn Animalia submission! *grin*

    And I LOVE Daryl Hannah – she’s such a scream. And six feet tall to boot.