Checkin In

I started the day yesterday a bit melancholy but it went away rather quickly, leaving me in a good mood. I felt more creative than I had in a while. As always, the shift between projects and genres takes me a bit of time but I hit my stride and I’m really happy right now.

So last night I got 2500 words into my quickie which I need to name and hope it’ll come to me by the end. And as it’s a super short (10 – 15K) I’ll need to find that soon, LOL. I think Reluctant will be a part of the eventual title but I’m not sure what else will be with it. (As of right now, I’m at 5500 so I got another good chunk written during toddler naptime).

And then I shut down my laptop and hand wrote 85% of my detailed synopsis for Goddess With A Blade. A very good friend was kind enough to send me her entire proposal for a project so I could get an idea of how they work at that level of proposal. I’d only written synopses for EC and for finished projects so writing one based on a book that was only about 15K words completed so far was a bit of a mystery. Thank you oh unnamed friend! It was very helpful.

Cause, yes, I’m a pantser. But in this case, I’m finding synopsis writing/outlining really helpful because the story is unfolding for me in a way it doesn’t normally and I’m quite enjoying that. So Rowan has just gotten back from Ireland in my synopsis and there’s another dead body. This time she knows the victim. A romance keeps trying to brew and I’m not entirely sure I’ll stop it. We’ll see where it ends up when I’m finished because the numbers are not even and it’s a very complicated situation. I don’t know just yet. I’ll let them convince me although I don’t know if Rowan is convinced either.

Anyway, I’m still feeling sick, which sucks. Headache isn’t quite as severe, eye jumping thing seems to have abated at last, nausea is fleeting but tiredness is still lurking. But I’m so pleased about this work getting done.

2 comments to “Checkin In”

  1. Melany
    May 28th, 2006 at 12:50 pm · Link

    Sorry on the sickies but glad you felt creative and got some things accomplished. You are rocking.


  2. Lili
    May 28th, 2006 at 1:57 pm · Link

    Creativity comes in fits.

    Synop’s hard enough without having to write one based on something incomplete.

    I write every chapter by hand, with a real pen on real lined paper before my fingers ever touch the keys. It would be good if I could also read my own handwriting, but I find once I have copious notes I never look at them, but somehow handwriting the chapter solidifies it in my mind and then when my fingers do touch the keys it flows without hesitation.

    Feel better!